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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Designing the Environmentally Responsive Landscape; A Nature Inspired Approach

Dr. Richard Ludwig

Time and Session Location

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Magnolia A

CEUs Available (Pending Approval)

ISA, NC Contractor & GCLP

Dr. Richard Ludwig


$250 - sold separately, limited tickets

What You Will Learn:

Noted expert Richard Ludwig will teach you everything you need to know to produce exciting landscape designs. This full-day, hands-on workshop is for green industry professionals wishing to create landscape designs that are stunning and earth-friendly. The course focuses on weaving ecologically sound concepts into traditional residential design. In addition, this class provides basic graphics instruction to communicate ideas efficiently and boldly on paper. By centering around an in-depth, hands-on understanding of curvilinear based drift designing, this class will prepare you to create native plant displays and gardens that are both visually pleasing and environmentally conscious. All drafting equipment and supplies are included. Materials provided: Circle template, drafting pencils (8B, HB, 4H), eraser, erasing shield, flexible curve, tracing paper, gridded vellum

More About the Presenter (s):

Dr. Richard Ludwig is an experienced college educator of 30+ years. During his years of teaching, Dr. Lugwig specialized in Horticulture, Landscape Design, and Landscape Management.

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