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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Water Management - It’s not Just about Quantity, Quality Matters

Sarah White

Time and Session Location

8:45 am - 9:45 am

Magnolia B

CEUs Available (Pending Approval)



included with conference ticket

What You Will Learn:

This presentation will cover some key factors influencing the outbreak of pests on ornamental plants. We will also lay the basic ecological groundwork to understand principles of how plants and insects interact on ornamental plants. The overall goal of this presentation is to provide insights on how to apply IPM and reduce our dependence on insecticides.

More About the Presenter (s):

Dr. Sarah White is the Nursery Extension Specialist at Clemson University and is a Professor in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. Sarah has 15+ years of experience developing and optimizing nature-based treatment technologies growers can use to clean water. Her lab is currently investigating the applications of vegetation-based technologies (constructed wetlands, floating treatment wetlands, and vegetated buffers) for cleansing agrichemical and plant disease contaminants from production runoff to encouraging water reuse and conservation and evaluating reservoir design and management to enhance water security.

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